Headteacher’s News – 29th November

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Carnival of the Animals

Both children and staff in Nursery celebrated their learning by coming dressed up as a whole range of jungle animals. They have given the rest of the Infant School a wonderful parade.

I would like to thank all parents for creating such an imaginative selection of costumes. You are magnificent!

Also, massive thanks go to our incredible Nursery teachers who continually work tirelessly to make the teaching and learning experience engaging, interesting and captivating for the children.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

A huge thank you to all the parents who made our parent-teacher conference day such a success by attending, looking through books and targets, and meeting class teachers. We appreciate your taking the time to meet with your child’s class teacher, and we hope that the meeting was able to provide you with some valuable insight into your child’s progress in school.

We look forward to a continued parent-teacher partnership throughout the remainder of the school year.

The ‘Hour of Code’ is coming…

“In fifteen years we’ll be teaching programming just like reading and writing… and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Students at BSB Infant School are going to participate in one hour of coding next week.

The ‘Hour of Code’ is a global project which aims to give an opportunity for every student to try Computer Science for one hour. We strongly believe that every 21st-century student should have the opportunity to learn computer science.  Children need this skill not because they’ll all go into it as a career but because it impacts every career in the 21st-century world.

I wish all our Muslim families and colleagues a happy and blessed Mawlid al-Nabi!