Year 2 Bulletin

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Year 2 Bulletin

For week commencing Sunday, 21st January


Now familiar with the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story, we are now going to read a new version. In this story the Wolf tries hard to clear his name, claiming he is innocent. We must re-evaluate the adjectives we have chosen to describe both Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf with, are they still suitable? Is this Wolf really a big, bad Wolf? This week will be full of drama and speaking and listening activities to help the children learn the new story.

By the end of the week, the children should be able to retell the whole story that they have learned by heart in their classes.


Our statistics unit continues. The children have honed their tally making skills and practised drawing pictograms. This week they will instead draw bar graphs or block graphs, these require a little extra detail to create.  A lot of time will be spent, during the course of the week, creating and answering questions about their graphs. 

These questions are often most tricky:

  1. How many more blues are there than red?
  2. What is the difference between cats and dogs?

The children will need to create a subtraction calculation in order to find the answer.


This week brings the first of our two farm trips. This week we will go to Remsoon Gardens where they have a working farm with many different varieties of plants growing. The children will get to see the irrigation system in action and can ask Reem, the owner, questions about planting. 

Why not take a look at this video clip at home: It tells us all about seed dispersal methods


Arabic 1st Set

الإملاء تاريخ تسليم الواجب الواجب ماسيتعلمه الطالب الموضوع المادة


إملاء يوم الخميس الموافق 25/1 في جملتي:


*تَرْسُمُ أمَلُ فَرَسَ الْبَحْرِ.

*في النَّخْلِ رُطَبٌ لَذيذٌ.





*التدرب على قراءة درس(في حَظيرَة الدَّجاجِ).


*حل تمارين الدرس رقم 1/3/4/5/6/7 في كتاب التدريبات اللغوية من صفحة 87 إلى صفحة91.


*قراءة جمل الدرس والتعرف على معناها.


*تمييز حرف الجيم مع الحركات والمدود.


*استخدام أداة الاستفهام “كم”.




(في حَظيرَة الدَّجاجِ)



نشيد (رُموزُ وطني).


لغة عربية




التربية للمواطنة

Arabic 2nd Set

Subject Topic Students will learn
Arabic Letter ص –          Read, write, and pronounce the letter

–          Learn at least 3 words that contain the letter

(Juice – عصير), (Chick – صوص), (Birds – عصافير).

–          Shape of the letter within a word.

–          Sounds of the letter.

The Careers



English Sound in Arabic Meaning in Arabic
Pilot Tayar طيار

Please note this is a basic overview of the planning for this week. It is impossible to cover in this outline all the learning that takes place during a week.