Nursery Bulletin w/c 28th January

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Week Commencing 28th January



This week we will be finishing off our dinosaur topic. Each class will be following the children’s interests to further their learning about dinosaurs.

In addition, in the lead up to our ‘Dinosaurs Do Dirt’ day, we will be focusing on volcanoes, fossils and and the job of a paleontologist.


This term is all about building your children’s knowledge of rhyming which is a critical pre-reading skill. Before your children start to ‘read’ words using the written letter symbols, we need them to be able to hear the sounds in each word and the patterns that we make. We are busy working on nonsense rhymes this week. We can mix up real and non-real words, as long as they rhyme as follows: week, deek, ceek, seek, jeek. We just needs lots and lots of practise!

You can also have a go at making up some nonsense rhymes together. It’s a lot of fun 🙂

There are some good examples in the video below;


In maths we are describing things we see using words such as round, tall, straight, long, curved and zig zag. We can use all of these to describe dinosaurs! Some of them have long, straight necks, some of them have zig zag teeth, and some of them have long curvy tails. I wonder what words you can use to describe some of the dinosaurs?


In Arabic we will be learning:

  • Topic: Jungle animals (giraffe)
  • Read and colour the letter zay (ز).
  • Pronounce at least 3 words that contain the letter
  • Concept: (Light, heavy)

Story:قصة (الزرافة زوزو)

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Thursday 1st February: Dinosaurs Do Dirt Day. We will be celebrating the end of our topic by having a messy day. There will be exploding volcanoes, digging for dinosaur fossils and much more! Please could your child come dressed in some clothes that you don’t mind getting messy (and possibly throwing away when they get home) and send a change of clothes.

Monday 5th February – N3 & N5: Tasneem Agriculture Trip

Tuesday 6th February – N4 & N7: Tasneem Agriculture Trip

Wednesday 7th February – N1, N2 & N6: Tasneem Agriculture Trip