Reception Bulletin w/c 28th January

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Week Commencing 28th January


This week we will be learning the ai sound as in wait and rain.  Please see this video from Geraldine Giraffe:

and also one from Mr Thorne:

If the children would like to each bring a small ai object (labelled with their name if they want it back) the teachers would love to see them.

Blending practice is available at the Dinosaur Egg Game. Level 27 focuses on the ai digraph at the following url:

The tricky word we will be learning is like.


In Maths we will be learning about weight and capacity.  Practical activities will help the children to understand the concepts of full, nearly full, half-full, almost empty, empty and over-flowing, as well as heavy, heavier, light and lighter.


Our topic for this half-term is Mini-beasts. This week we will be learning about spiders. The children will be encouraged to pose their own questions, such as: What is a spider? Where do spiders live? What do spiders eat?  Are all spiders the same? How do spiders help us?


This week the students will study :-

  • The Arabic letters:  ز ))  ( Zarafa  – Giraffe ) ( Zahra  – Flower ) ( Zaytoun – Olives )
  • The long Sound : ( زا – زو – زي – زيـ )
  • Unit : The Insects : ( Ankabout  – Spider )
  • Activity : Relating to the letter ( ز )
  • Song : The letter ( ز )
  •      سيدرس الطالب هذا الأسبوع :
  • * حرف ( ز ) ( زرافة – زهرة – زيتون )
  • * وحدة الحشرات : ( عنكبوت)
  • * الصوت الطويل : ( زا – زو – زي – زيـ )
  • * نشاط : عمل نشاط تطبيقي على الحرف المدروس.
  • النشيد ( ز – زهرٌ أحمر أصفر        وهو لعيني أجمل منظر

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Botanical Garden Trip  All of the Reception classes will visit the Botanical Gardens in Budaiya for a fun mini-beast related trip in the week beginning February 11th.

Mini-beast Parade  The children will need to dress up as a mini-beast for our mini-beast day on February 15th.  The day will include a parade for the parents with some mini-beast action songs.

Book Bags  The children have been reminded that their book bags should only have books, work & letters in them as the books need to be looked after. Hats, spare clothes, water bottles, lunch boxes etc should never be put in the Book Bags.