Year 1 Bulletin w/c 28th Jan

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Year 1 Bulletin

For week commencing Sunday, 28th January


This week in Literacy we will be finishing our poetry unit by looking at different types of poems. We will explore shape poems and have a go at creating our own in the shape of a plant, then finish by looking at acrostic poems (where the first letter of each line spells out a vertical word).

By the end of the week children will be able to :

  • Plan their ideas.
  • Write a sequence of these ideas, then check their work.
  • Use two adjectives separated with the word “and”


This week in maths we will be moving onto measurement. The focus is measuring length using both non-standard (cubes) and standard (centimeters) units.

Please watch this video to support your child’s understanding of measurement:

Ordering different lengths:

Measuring with a ruler:

And don’t forget to log onto MyMaths this week!


This week in Topic children will begin work on their Design Technology project to produce a clay tile with a flower or plant design.

Children will:

  • Use a viewfinder to see details of plants.
  • Draw several design sketches showing the details of the plant they like.
  • Select a final design to make into a clay tile next week.

Children will also perform a simple scientific test using food colouring and water to observe how a plant absorbs water.


Arabic 1st Set

ملاحظات تاريخ تسليم الواجب الواجب ماسيتعلمه الطالب الموضوع المادة
الرجاء الاحتفاظ بالواجبات في البيت بعد التصحيح يوم الاثنين

5 /2/2018

الأربعاء 31/1/2018  1.4 /1.8

الخميس1/2/2018 2/3/5/6/7/9

ورقة عمل     


تمييز الحرف ( هـ )

أصوات الحرف (هـ )

(هَـ، هِـ ، هُـ ،ها،هي،هو)

أشكال الحرف (هـ )

( هـ ، ـهـ ، ـه ،ه )

  تحليل وتركيب الكلمات

قراءة كلمات الدرس

تابع الحرف (هـ )  


Arabic 2nd Set

Subject Topic Students will learn
Arabic Letter ص –           Read, write and pronounce the letter

–           Learn at least 3 words that contain the letter.

–           Shape of the letter within a word.

–           Sounds of the letter.

–            The letter activity.


The sea (students will learn to say and write short sentences using the units words) English Sound in Arabic Meaning in Arabic
Whale Hoot حوت

Please note this is a basic overview of the planning for this week. It is impossible to cover in this outline all the learning that takes place during a week.