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DSC_4787Nursery Messy Day

“Play is the highest form of research.”

Albert Einstein

Today was ‘Messy Day’ in Nursery and the day definitely lived up to its name! The curious children thoroughly enjoyed digging their little hands into a variety of goopy, slimy, gritty, squishy and bumpy textures. Sensory play is an important part of learning for young children as it helps to develop a multitude of skills, and it is loads of fun too!

Here are some pictures from our fun filled morning.

Year 2 – Trip to Peninsula Farms

This week, as part of their topic on ‘Plants’,  children in Year 2 went on their educational visit to a farm, but not an ordinary farm.  They visited the Peninsula Farms to see the very latest technology in hydroponic farming. The children explored the climate-controlled tunnels and saw lettuces, tomatoes and herbs at various stages of growth – from seed to seedling to fully grown.

During their visit, children were amazed to learn that it is possible to grow vegetables without soil.

Parent Passes

I was delighted to be able to greet so many parents and children at the school gates in the morning and at the end of the school day last Thursday. Many thanks to all the parents and carers who displayed their school-passes naturally, as part of their daily routine, when entering the school.  Although we are very familiar with most of our parents’ and carers’ faces, we strongly feel that the rule has to be consistent and applied throughout the entire BSB community. It is, after all, to ensure the safety and security of all our students at the school.

Please, remember to bring your parent pass and have it on display at all times; keeping your children safe while at school is our top priority.

Many thanks for your cooperation!

Congratulations to all our ‘Super Stars’ this week!





Year 1


Year 2


Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!