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dsc_4787.jpgYear 1 – Trip to a Local Supermarket

This week the children in Year 1 were lucky enough to go to the supermarket Alosra where they learnt about local foods and produce. The children found out about the many different types of meat, fish and dairy products that are produced in Bahrain.  Ipads were used by the children to photograph the local produce and film the Alosra employees who spoke to the children about their many different local products.

E-Safety Day

It is an undeniable fact that children nowadays are doing more on the internet than ever before and it can be a very fun and helpful tool for them. However, just as in ‘real life’, it is necessary to be wary of potential risks and dangers when online.

At BSB Infant School, we view ICT and the internet as a valuable learning resource and teach all our pupils to use it responsibly and safely. This week, children have learnt all about the importance of e-safety as part of “E-Safety Day”. Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children.

One valuable way of ensuring all our children understand the importance of e-safety issues is by means of e-safety assemblies. Ms. Rasha, our computing teacher, led a very informative assembly this week focusing on the importance of using the internet carefully and making sure everyone understands what to do if they notice anything unusual or upsetting. We want our students to know that they can have fun online whilst remaining safe!

Think before you click

Special Treat from the Music Academy

The KS1 students had an extra special assembly this week!

The students were given a spectacular piano and violin performance by instructors from the BSB Music Academies. The children truly enjoyed listening to the performances and many showed a strong interest in learning how to play. Exploring the world of music is extremely beneficial for children. Our after-school academies offer lessons for a variety of different instruments including viola, violin, piano, guitar, cello, and drums and they even offer singing lessons. If your child would like to take up an instrument but they are not sure which one suits them, then we recommend they sign up for the Explore Instruments class which is held every Tuesday from 2:30-3pm.

If you’d like to find out more information regarding academy registration please see our academies reception desk located on the ground floor in the administration building or email academies@thebsbh.com.

Congratulations to all our ‘Super Stars’ this week!





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Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!