Reception Bulletin w/c 11th February

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Week commencing 11th February


This week we will be learning the igh sound as in high, night and right.  Our friend Geraldine the Giraffe is helping out as usual:

along with Mr Thorne:

If the children would like to each bring a small igh object (labelled with their name if they want it back) the teachers would love to see them. It could be a picture of a night sky or an arrow pointing right. We’re sure you will have some great ideas 🙂

Our new tricky word this week is ‘some‘. We will be making some sentences together using the word ‘some‘. We will also be playing the ‘Supermarket’ game, using the sentence, “I went to the market and I bought some … ”

We will keep adding to the sentence and we will all have to try and remember all the things we have bought in the right order. E.g. I went to the market and I bought some apples, oranges, bananas, bread, butter, jam and fish. I wonder how many words you will be able to remember?


In Maths we will be learning about money.  In particular we will be talking about what we use money for and where we use it, as well as how much different things might cost. It would be lovely if you are out doing your weekly shopping and you talked about the prices with your child. Point out the labels you can see as you go round the supermarket and see if you can work out together how much each item is.


We are having our class trips to the Botanical Gardens this week as we put on our detective hats and try to find as many mini-beasts as we can as we explore the different areas in the gardens.

This week we also have our Mini-beast Parade to which all our parents are invited (see the dates for your diary below). It is the culmination of lots of work that has taken place over the past half term learning about lots of different bugs and creepy crawlies that share our world with us.

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Botanical Garden Trip  The Reception classes will visit the Botanical Gardens in Budaiya for a fun mini-beast related trip as follows:

Sunday 11th February R1, R2, R3, R4 & R5

Monday 12th February R6, R7, R8 & R9.

The children will need to wear their PE kit (and a coat depending on the weather). We will be having a picnic lunch so this should be packed in disposable containers in a plastic or paper bag, clearly marked with the child’s name and class. This is also one of the few occasions when we would like the children to bring a single use drinks containers.

Mini-beast Parade

The children will need to dress up as a mini-beast for our mini-beast day on February 15th.  The day will include a parade for the parents with some mini-beast action songs at 8.30am and then a carousel of fun activities for the children, to round off their learning linked to mini-beasts.

Book Bags  The children have been reminded that their book bags should only have books, work & letters in them as the books need to be looked after. Hats, spare clothes, water bottles, lunch boxes etc. should never be put in the Book Bags.