Year 1 Bulletin w/c 11th Feb

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Year 1 Bulletin

For week commencing Sunday, 11th February


Next week in Literacy the children will continue to learn about stories with familiar settings, moving onto the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. They will also learn how to use a thesaurus to find new and adventurous adjectives and start to use them in their own writing.

By the end of the week children will be able to:

  • Select and use adventurous adjectives
  • Write a familiar story with a beginning, middle and end


For Maths this week the children will measure and compare the mass of objects. They will use non-standard and standard measurements, introducing Grams and Kilograms, using weighing scales and balancing scales.

Why not try measuring some things at home? You could choose some items and discuss which is heavier and which is lighter? If you are baking or cooking look at the measurements and discuss how much you need.


For Topic this week we will be continuing our Science and Geography work, thinking about how fruits and vegetables grow and what countries they come from.

Have a look at what fruits and vegetables you can find at home. Discuss with your children how they grow (for example is it from a tree or a root vegetable) and what country they grow in. 


 Arabic 1st Set

ملاحظات تاريخ تسليم الواجب الواجب ماسيتعلمه الطالب الموضوع المادة
الرجاء الاحتفاظ بالواجبات في البيت بعد التصحيح  

يوم الاثنين


الأربعاء 14/2/2018 


الخميس15/2/2018 2/3/5/6/7/9


حرف( ذ )/صفحة ( 1 / 2 )

·        تمييز الحرف ( ذ )

·        أصوات الحرف (ذ )

·        (ذَ، ذِ ، ذُ ،ذا،ذي،ذو)

·        أشكال الحرف (ذ )

·        ( ذ ، ـذ  )

·        تحليل وتركيب الكلمات

·        قراءة كلمات الدرس

حرف ( ذ ) لغة عربية

Arabic 2nd Set

Subject Topic Students will learn
Arabic Letter ط –           Read, write and pronounce the letter

–           At least 3 words that contain the letter.

–           The shape of the letter within a word.

–           The sounds of the letter.

The sea (Revision) English Sound in Arabic Meaning in Arabic

Please note this is a basic overview of the planning for this week. It is impossible to cover in this outline all the learning that takes place during a week.