Year 2 Bulletin- w/c 18th Feb

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Year 2 Bulletin

For week commencing Sunday, 18th February


Health and Safety matters

We still have a large number of children roaming the playground and corridors alone before 7:45am each morning. For the children’s safety, they must not be left unsupervised. Kindly note that teachers are not responsible for the whereabouts of children before the school day begins as they are busy with their preparations for the day. Parents are welcome to drop the children to the early supervision club in the main sports hall if they are unable to remain with their child.

It has been noticed that some of the children have especially long fingernails. Please can you ensure that the children’s nails are kept short and neat so that children do not cause injury to themselves and to others while playing or taking PE lessons?


Y2 Spring Concert

The Year 2 concert will take place on Tuesday, 27th March. We encourage parents not to leave early for the Spring break to ensure all children can take part in this important annual event. If the absence is completely unavoidable on this date, please let your class teacher know so that they are aware that your child will not participate in the final show.

Recycling materials

Our recycling project begins after the short holiday next week. Please could you bring to school any milk bottle tops, kitchen roll inners, cereal boxes, other smaller tubs and lids that you have collected for us?


The children will complete and refine their kenning poems this week before filming them so that we can share them with parents. We think you will be very impressed with their poetry writing skills.


During the very short week, we will focus on revision of the units covered in the previous 7 weeks and additionally a big push on mental maths strategies based around the 4 operations (+, -, X, ÷)


We have planned a special super-secret topic day this week. The children will have a creative arts day learning more information for their topic. They will end the day thoroughly exhausted but we have no doubt that they will love it!


Arabic 1st Set

الموضوع المادة
تقييم عام لمستوى الطلبة بتاريخ 18/19 فبراير في الدروس والمواضيع التالية:


*في مركزِ سلمانِ                              *آداب المرورِ.


*التجريد والتحليل لحرف “الزاي”.          *أداة النداء “يا”.          *أدوات الاستفهام “أين / كَم / لِماذا “.

*التمييز بين الجملة الاسمية والجملة الفعليةِ “الدرس موجود في ملزمة حديقة المعرفة”.
*التعبير الكتابي من درس “آداب المرور” ومن الممكن استخدام مفاتيح الكلمات التالية:


ملاحظة: استعدادًا للاحتفال بعيد الأم الرجاء المساعدة في تدريب الطلبة

على أغنية “ست الحبايب ” و بإمكانكم الرجوع إلى الرابط التالي :





لغة عربية





Arabic 2nd Set

Subject Topic Students will learn
Arabic Revision and assessment
  • To read, write, and pronounce the letter (ض, ط , ظ)
  • At least 3 words that contain the letter
  • The shape of the letter within a word.
  • The sounds of the letter.
Notes Preparing for mother’s day celebration kindly help the students to practice the below song:

Please note this is a basic overview of the planning for this week. It is impossible to cover in this outline all the learning that takes place during a week.