Year 2 Bulletin – 25th Feb

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Year 2 Bulletin

For week commencing Sunday, 25th February



Y2 Spring Concert

The Year 2 concert will take place on Tuesday 27th March. We ask that parents do not leave early for the Spring break to ensure all children can take part in this important annual event. If your child’s absence is completely unavoidable on this date, please let your class teacher know so that they are aware that your child will not participate in the final show.

Recycling materials

Our recycle project begins this week. We will be creating animals in DT and will use the materials to furnish the wooden structures we create. Please could you bring to school any milk bottle tops, kitchen roll inners, cereal boxes, Pringle boxes, plastic bottles, and other smaller tubs and lids that you have collected for us?


This week is book week and we look forward to meeting our Y4 buddies and to our parents joining us in class to read stories. In lesson time, the children will revisit the features of an information text and create their own.

Can you remember what a caption is? A label? Do you know any animal WOW Facts?


Our new unit is fractions. We will begin by learning about the whole and what this word means, by the end of the week the children will have explored ½, half of a shape and half of a quantity, they will also begin to think about ¼ and how to create quarters within shapes.


Now that the children have been introduced to a number of countries on Airport Day, each class will focus on one of these only. This way the children learn a lot about one country, rather than a surface amount about a variety of countries. This week the children will locate their country on a map, using an atlas and its index, and they will begin to learn some of the language spoken in that country.