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Book Week

We have thoroughly enjoyed ‘Book Week’ this week. At BSB Infant School we love reading and ‘Book Week’ is always the perfect way to celebrate our enthusiasm with a range of book-related, exciting activities!

Children had a lot of fun dressing up on Wednesday. I know that costumes don’t just magic themselves off a shelf and onto children. Thank you to parents for their support with costumes – the children looked magnificent and it contributed to really magical buzz around the school! As usual, children and staff really entered into the spirit.

The week was a great success and we are already looking forward to next year! Look at all our wonderful photos of children and teachers around the school.

Book Cover Doors

We challenged each class to turn their classroom door into a book cover! The transformation of our school is magnificent as doors throughout the school have been made into our favourite books and authors. As you can imagine, it makes our hallways look wonderful.

Check out the amazing classroom doors below.

Mystery Readers

During this week a different parent from each class surprised the students and brought a favourite book in to read and share.  Some parents have dressed up, brought along props and had great fun bringing stories to life.

The children enjoyed playing a variety of Book Week related games with Miss Eman during their Library time as well.

Congratulations to all our ‘Super Stars’ this week!





Year 1

Year 1 Super Stars

Year 2

Year 2 Super Stars

Wishing everyone a relaxing weekend!