Nursery Bulletin w/c 25th March

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Week Commencing 25th March


We will be finishing our current topic, ‘Once Upon a Time’ this week as we finish Term 2. There will be lots of storytelling happening with children sharing their favourite stories that we have been learning: The 3 Little Pigs; The 3 Billy Goats Gruff; and The Enormous Turnip 🙂 Hopefully they are sharing these with you at home as well!


We will continue to practise rhyming words in class as part of our regular routine. Sometimes we tell stories that rhyme, sometimes we make up our own nonsense rhymes and sometimes we make a string of words that all rhyme by adding one at a time e.g. dog, frog, log, jog, cog, sog, mog. You can have a go at home with this simple rhyming game  🙂


International Day

International day will be held on Wednesday 28th March, the last day of this term.  Children should come to school dressed in either the traditional dress of a chosen country, or in clothes that match the colours from their home country flag.

It is a lovely day where we celebrate all the nationalities from the class. Please discuss with your child things about their Nationality that they can talk about during circle time.

We would also like all the children to bring a traditional plate of food from their home country which will be shared with everyone during snack time. Your class link will be helping to organise this with the class teacher 🙂 Individual snack boxes will not be needed as children will be sharing the food that each child provides for the class.


Swimming will be starting the week commencing 8th April. The children will need: a swimming costume, towel, swimming hat and goggles and they will need to have their underwear in their bag ready for when they get changed after swimming. Please also make sure that all clothes are labelled to avoid losing anything.

Children should come to school dressed in their swimming costume underneath their PE uniform.

Please continue to practise dressing and undressing at home so the children are able to do this independently.

Trip to the Theatre

The Very Hungry Caterpillar trip is on Monday 16th April. All the children should be at school by 7:45 at the very latest. Classroom doors will open from 07:30 as they have been recently to enable early drop off.

The buses need to leave school at 8am so that we can get to the show on time.

Dates for your Diary

  • 28th March- International Day
  • 28th March- Last day of term 11:30 finish
  • 8th April- First day of term 3
  • 16th April- ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ Theatre Trip
  • 31st May- End of Year Concert