Reception Bulletin w/c 15th April

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Week Commencing 15th April


This week we will be learning the oi sound as in oil and boil.  See the videos below from Geraldine the Giraffe and Mr Thorne to see what you can do at home 🙂

If the children would like to each bring a small oi object (labelled with their name if they want it back) or a story about oil or something that boils, the teachers would love to see them.

Blending practice is available at the Dinosaur Egg Game at on level 19 which focuses on the oi digraph.

The tricky words we will be learning are, Mr and Mrs. The children will need to know their mummy’s name as “Mrs XXXX” and daddy’s name as “Mr XXX” for an activity in class next week.


In Maths we will be learning to use understand and use words for position accurately. If you are looking for a little practice at home you can help your child select the correct label for each picture at:


In topic we are still learning about letters and how they are written and delivered all around the world as we find out more about ‘Keeping in touch’.


This week the students will study :

  • The Arabic letters:  غ))  ( Gazal – Deer ) (Clouds  – Ghouyoum ) ( Crow – Gourab )
  • The long Sound : ( غا – غو- غي-غيـ )
  • Unit : Healthy Food :  (Fish – Samak ) ( Meat – Laham  )
  • Activity : Relating to the letter (غ )
  • Song : The letter ( غ )

     سيدرس الطالب هذا الأسبوع

* حرف ( غ ) ( غزال  – غيوم – غُراب )

* وحدة الطعام الصحي : ( سمك – لحم )

* الصوت الطويل : ( غا – غو – غي – غيـ )

* نشاط : : عمل نشاط تطبيقي على الحرف المدروس (غيمة ).

النشيد ( غٌ – غارُ غار حراء      فيه وحيٍ وطه جاء


Swimming Lessons will continue for the rest of this term. Please ensure towels, caps, goggles, swimming costumes etc are all labelled with your child’s name and class.

The Hungry Caterpillar theatre trip is on Sunday 15th April. All children should wear full uniform and bring their water bottle as usual to take to the theatre. Snack and Lunch will be eaten in school before and after the trip.

Reception Arabic Fun Day is on Thursday 19th April.