Year 1 Bulletin w/c 15th April

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Year 1 Bulletin

For week commencing Sunday, 15th April


In literacy this week children will begin learning how to write their own recount of personal experiences of events from the recent past, such as Pyjama Day.

By the end of the week children will be able to:

  • Use regular past tense verbs to recount events from personal experiences
  • Write chronologically using time sequence words such as: First, Next, Then, After that, Finally etc.
  • Use a wide range of adjectives to describe feelings
  • Share their recount with a partner or small group


This week in maths we are going to explore division. To help us understand division we are going to look at halving and sharing. We are going to share objects into groups of 5 and 10.

You can try these at home to help you with division.

And don’t forget to log onto MyMaths and give it a go.


This week in Topic we will continue our learning about materials. We will explore a variety of different materials such as metal, wood, plastic and fabric and begin to learn about their properties. We will then build a roof for our own Lego house and explore which materials would make the best waterproof roof!

Take a look here:


Arabic 1st Set

الإملاء تاريخ تسليم الواجب الواجب ماسيتعلمه الطالب الموضوع المادة

 ( ثامر ،كثير ، ثوم)

يوم الأربعاء 18/4/2018  1.4 /1.8

الخميس19/4/2018 2/3/5/6/7/

يوم الاثنين

23 /4/2018

يوم الأربعاء 18/4/2018  1.4 /1.8

الخميس19/4/2018 2/3/5/6/7/9

حرف ( ص ) صفحة (1/2

تمييز الحرف ( ث )

أصوات الحرف ( ث )


أشكال الحرف ( ث )

( ثـ ، ـثـ ، ـث، ث )

  تحليل وتركيب الكلمات

قراءة كلمات الدرس

حرف(ث) لغة عربية

Arabic 2nd Set

Subject Topic Students will learn
Arabic Letter


  • Read, write, and pronounce the letter
  • Learn at least 3 words that contain the letter.
  • Shape of the letter within a word.
  • Sounds of the letter.
  • The letter activity.


English Sound in Arabic Meaning in Arabic
Circle Da’era دائرة

Please note this is a basic overview of the planning for this week. It is impossible to cover in this outline all the learning that takes place during a week.