Nursery Bulletin w/c 22nd April

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Week Commencing 22nd April


We are continuing with our under the sea theme for the next few weeks. We have been learning about different kinds of sea animals and plants including sharks, jellyfish, puffer fish, crabs, oysters, coral and anemones. We have been investigating the characteristics of the different animals and plants we study such as whether they have scales or shells, how many legs they have, what they eat and how big they are. There is a lot to talk about!

A fun song you can learn together that names some of the different animals is, ‘There’s a Hole at the Bottom of the Sea!’ We hope you enjoy it 🙂


We have been learning the song, ‘A Sailor went to Sea, Sea Sea’ in our music lessons. It is actually a fantastic per-literacy skills song for a number of different reasons. We are playing with language as we sing it. We are building our ability to sequence and remember the order that the song develops. We are also crossing our midline with the hand gestures which helps to get us ready for writing! There is a lot going on 🙂 If you would like to try at home, here is a video with the actions:


As we are counting how many legs, tentacles and other parts the different animals and plants have, we are also matching them to the corresponding numeral. If you want to join in the fun, here is a super counting game where you need to count the number of animals on the screen and then click the corresponding numeral that matches the quantity. Have fun 🙂


In Arabic we will be learning:

  • Topic: Jobs (Carpenter).
  • Read and colour the letter seen (م).
  • Pronounce at least 3 words that contain the letter.
  • We will learn about the Carpenter (where he works/ what tools he uses/ what he wears).
  • Colour: Black
  • Song: عمي  منصور النجار.


Concert Costumes

A gentle reminder to pass 8BD for your child’s costume to your class link by Sunday 29th April.

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Pirate Day

Pirate Day will be on Thursday 10th May. We are challenging you and your children to make a homemade pirate costume (no pre-bought costumes please). Your children have shown us how imaginative and creative they can be so it would be great if you could work on this project with them at home.

We will have a party food snack time on this day and your teacher will be coordinating with your class link to organise this.

List of Upcoming Dates

  • 1st May- Labour Day
  • 10th May- Pirate Day
  • 31st May- End of Year Concert
  • 14th June until 18th June- Half Term Holiday for Eid Al-Faitr
  • 28th June- Last Day of Term