Reception Bulletin w/c 29th April

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This week we will be learning the nd consonant blend as in hand and send.  Please see the Alphablocks episode below which covers nd along with some other blends with include the ‘n’ sound.

For additional practice the children could hunt for nd words in a book that they enjoy at home; if they list the nd words the class teachers would really love to see them.

If the children would like to each bring a small nd object (labelled with their name if they want it back) or a story about sand, a panda or any other nd thing, the teachers would love to share them with the class.

The tricky word we will be learning is, oh. On the way to school in the car the children could practise saying oh in different voices; as though sad, tired, excited, like a fairy, like a granny ……


In Maths we will be learning about comparative weight. As well as using such vocabulary as heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest the children will be investigating different ways of comparing weight such using a plank or a coat hanger!

To revise how balance scales show something is lighter or heavier there is a simple game at

If your child is fascinated by this activity the questions at are so much trickier.


In topic we are learning about trails, linking our Maths work on position and direction and how a postman follows a set route. The children will be exploring other types of trails seen in nature, and use this as a prompt for art and craft activities.


This week the students will study :

  • The Arabic letters:  ق))  (Pen – Kalam ) (Moon  – Kamar ) ( Heart– Kaleb )
  • The long Sound : ( قا – قو- قي- قيـ )
  • Unit : Healthy Food :  ( Revising )
  • Activity : Relating to the letter (ق )
  • Song : The letter (ق )

     سيدرس الطالب هذا الأسبوع

( حرف ( ق ) ( قلم  – قمر – قلب

( وحدة الطعام الصحي : ( مراجعة

( الصوت الطويل : ( قا – قو – قي – قيـ

( نشاط : : عمل نشاط تطبيقي على الحرف المدروس ( قلب

 (النشيد ( ق – قمرٌ فيه منازل       ومواقيتُ تهدي السائل


Swimming Lessons will continue for the rest of this term. Please ensure towels, caps, goggles, swimming costumes etc. are all labelled with your child’s name and class.

The Reception Summer Concert will be on Thursday 21st June.  Please inform your class teacher if your child will not be in school on that date.

Spare Clothing  If a child has an accident at school they are loaned spare clothing from Ms Sabera’s store in the Reception Corridor.  We ask that the clothes are returned to school freshly laundered as soon as possible.  Unfortunately not everyone remembers to return these items of clothing (dresses, shirts, trousers, shorts, underpants, panties, socks etc) and the store is now almost empty.  If your child has ever borrowed some of our spare clothes please could you check your cupboards, and if you find anything that may have come from school, please return it. It would also be helpful if nannies could be reminded of the need to return any borrowed clothes, too.

If you have any school uniform or undergarments which your child has grown out of, and you no longer have a use for, we would be very grateful to have them to add to our store of spare clothing.