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Feriha 2‘Building Bahrain’ Project

As part of Year 1’s “Build it up Bahrain” topic this term, parents and children teamed up to take part in our fabulous ‘Building Bahrain’ project. The students in Year 1 spent the week working together to construct eco-friendly buildings using only recycled materials. They applied what they learned on their recent Bahrain trip to create marvelous replicas of notable buildings in Bahrain. They were also taught the importance of recycling and diminishing pollution. It was a fun and enriching challenge for our little architects!

ICT with Ms Rasha

The children of Year 2 had a delightful time having their parents visit them in computing class.  The children proved how tech-savvy they can be by combining various skills they learnt from Ms Rasha, like typing, searching and coding, in order to create an imaginative fairy tale power point presentation. The parents even helped add additional slides to the fairy tale. They also proudly showed their parents how they code blue bots.

School Dress Code Reminder

We want to kindly ask you to remember not to send your children to school wearing accessories that do not abide by the school dress code.

animal ears headbandItems such as earrings, decorated headbands (similar to the ones in the picture), metal hair clips, nail varnish and other jewellery are not allowed in school due to health and safety reasons. We ask all parents to ensure that their children are dressed in the correct clothes and shoes and follow the guidelines on hair and jewellery.

We really appreciate your cooperation regarding this and thank you for your understanding.

Congratulations to all our ‘Super Stars’ this week!


3rd May


Superstars 3rd of May

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3rd May

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3rd May

Have a wonderful weekend!