Reception Bulletin w/c 6th May

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Week Commencing 6th May


This week we will be learning the nt consonant blend as in went and pant.

If the children would like to each bring a small nt object (labelled with their name if they want it back) or a story about a tent, a sprint or any other nt thing, the teachers would love to share them with the class.

The tricky word we will be learning is, friend. In class we will be linking this to our PSED, finding ways to show we are friends without literally saying, “I am your friend”.


In Maths we will be developing our understanding of addition by counting on. There is a 2 minute video below which will really help the children’s understanding of this skill.

Why not try playing the … Counting on game

This is a game for 2 players. You will need a deck of cards for the players, with the picture cards removed. The ace is used as a 1.

  • Separate the cards in two piles, one with the cards: ace, 2, 3 and 4 and the other pile with the cards 5 – 10. Shuffle each pile so they’re in a random order and place face down on the playing surface.
  • Players take turns turning over the top two cards. They add the two numbers using the counting on strategy: count on from the larger number, and count on the smaller number. For example, if the two cards turned over were 8 and 4. They would start with 8, count on 4: 9, 10, 11, 12.
  • If players have the correct answer, they get to keep both cards.
  • If the answer is incorrect the other player can have a go at answering the question to keep both the cards.
  • Continue playing until one of the piles run out of cards.
  • The winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game.


In topic we are learning about wordless communication. At home you could challenge your child to follow you instructions but only give them hand signals and gestures for what you want them to do … and maybe they could give you some instructions with hand signals and gestures as well!


This week the students will study :

  • The Arabic letters:  ك))  ( Chair– Korssy ) ( Dog  – Kaleb ) ( Ball – Kora )
  • The long Sound : ( كا – كو- كي- كيـ )
  • Unit : Farm Animals :  ( Horse )
  • Activity : Relating to the Farm Animals ( Horse )
  • Song : The letter (ك )

  (ق )     سيدرس الطالب هذا الأسبوع

* حرف ( ك ) ( كرسي  – كلب – كرة

* وحدة الحيوانات المزرعة: ( حصان

* الصوت الطويل : ( كا – كو – كي – كيـ

* نشاط : : عمل نشاط تطبيقي وحدة الحيوانات ( حصان

النشيد ( ك – كلبٌ عاش جواري       يحرس غنمي يحرسُ داري


Swimming Lessons will continue for the rest of this term. Please ensure towels, caps, goggles, swimming costumes etc are all labelled with your child’s name and class. It would help immensely if the goggles come to school correctly adjusted for your child.

The Reception Summer Concert will be on Thursday 21st June.  Please pay the BD8 costume money to your class representative by Thursday 10th May.