Nursery Bulletin w/c 20th May

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Week Commencing 20th May


We hope your children are coming home talking about their recent adventures in space! There are new role play areas in the classrooms to support the new topic and the young astronauts at BSB are launching their space careers in style! We have found out about the different planets in our solar system and that we live on the one called Earth. Can your children remember of the any other planets we have been learning about?


As part of our space topic we are looking to build on vocabulary including topic specific words like astronaut, solar system, planets, orbit, and more. There is a song all about astronauts by Bounce Patrol below if you would like to practise at home:


We are introducing the concept of counting back and taking one away in our maths this week. There are lots of different rhymes that help with this including counting down for a take off. We also love 5 little men in a flying saucer as well. It’s a great one to role play at home as you can use props to tell the rhyme and physically take one spaceship away each time one flies away. You can follow along at home:


In Arabic we will be learning:

  • Topic: Shapes (Triangle).
  • Read and colour the letter yaa (ي) and thinking 3 words that contain the letter.
  • Colour: White.
  • We will also be singing a shape song and letter song.

save the date

  • 31st May- End of Year Concert
  • 14th June until 18th June- Half Term Holiday for Eid Al-Fitr
  • 25th June- Scrapbook Share
  • 28th June- Last Day of Term