Reception Bulletin w/c 9th Sept

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For week commencing Sunday 9th September


In literacy this week we are learning to read our names whether they are written in pasta or paint or printed …. But always with a capital letter at the beginning and all other letters lower case. We are also practising writing our names in lots of different media, whether it is writing our name with a finger in gloop or on the playground 2 metres tall. Again the focus will be on having a capital letter at the beginning of a name but all other letters in lower-case.

To support the children learning about names please could each child bring in a photograph of themselves with their family to form part of a display.


In Maths we will be reciting numbers from 0 to 10, singing number song and practising counting small sets of objects.  If you would like to have fun doing this at home why not visit


In our topic work we will be taking a close look at our snack boxes to decide what makes a really healthy lunch box.

We will also be continuing to learn the rules and routines of our new classes and the BSB in general.



Labelling all belongings which come to school with your child’s name and class will ensure that if they are misplaced they will traced quite quickly.

Infant Welcome Meeting

On Monday 10th September @ 6.00pm we will be hosting a welcome evening that gives you chance as a parent to come in and meet your class teacher. This evening will be filled full of information regarding the curriculum and coming events.