Headteacher’s News – 13th Sept

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Dear Parents,

Many thanks to all parents who attended the Welcome Talks on Monday evening. We were delighted with the turn out and I hope they gave you some valuable insight into your children’s learning.

It has been a week of healthy living in the Infant School and the array of healthy items in lunch boxes was impressive. Children in Year 2 enjoyed baking amazingly healthy flapjacks and produced some magnificent writing about the whole process.

All children in Year 1 and Year 2 participated in additional group work out sessions courtesy of ‘The Body Coach’. Children in Year 1 and Year 2 also had their first assemblies of the year this morning and they taught me a lot about how valuable all members of our school community are – the children, parents, teachers, assistants, administrators, nurses, cleaners and security guards. We are determined to ‘look after one another’ and help one another out.

We launched the new award in Infants – “Champion of the Week”.

The name of the award was chosen by children in Year 2. The certificate can be awarded for being kind, doing your best, getting better at a particular subject or demonstrating a value such as resilience, honesty, bravery or empathy.

Congratulations to our first Champions of the Week.

After School Clubs

We are offering a wide range of after school clubs for students in Year 1 and Year 2.

All sign-ups are via the Engage Parent Portal which will go live on Friday, 14th September at 8am. You can sign into the Engage Parent Portal here: www.mis.thebsbh.com

If you do not have an account with Engage or are having difficulty signing into your account, please email vijayanm@thebsbh.com

First club allocations will begin Friday, 14th September from 8am until 11pm and second club allocations start Saturday, 15th September from 8am until 11pm. Children can only sign up for one club in the first instance. On Saturday, you may sign up for a second club if there is space available.

Key Information

  • Friday, 14thSeptember at 8am – first club allocation begins
  • Saturday, 15thSeptember at 8am – second club allocation begins
  • Sunday, 23rdSeptember – first day of clubs
  • Wednesday, 22ndNovember – last day of clubs
  • Children should be collected from the KS1 playground at 3:30pm sharp

We would like to remind you that clubs are offered on a first come, first served basis.

These are the clubs on offer:

Sunday Pom Pom Craft A fun craft activity making pom poms to inspire creativity and develop fine motor skills. A one time fee of 1 BD must be paid to the Infant Receptionist by Tuesday, 18th September
Chess Opportunity to learn the game of chess and improve chess skills.
Puzzles & Games Encourages teamwork and further developing of mathematical skills through a variety of puzzles.
Construction Encourages imaginative building and teamwork with a range of construction toys.
Fun with Computers Teaches a different program every week to enhance computer skills and have fun.
Yoga Simple yoga moves for stretching and calming.
Cooking Cooking simple dishes using a variety of kitchen techniques. A one time fee of 3 BD must be paid to the Infant Receptionist by Tuesday, 18th September
Just Dance Warm up, exercise and dance routines.
Colouring Colouring different intricate pictures and designs.
Bookworms Reading and storytelling.


Tuesday Just Dance Warm up, exercise and dance routines.
Zentangle Art Mindful doodling.
Painting Students will express their creativity through painting.
Cosmic Yoga A fun introduction to yoga and calmness for little minds and bodies.
Drawing An introduction to drawing.
Construction Encourages imaginative building and teamwork with a range of construction toys.
Little Stars Music & Drama Singing, dancing, and acting in preparation for a grand performance
Puppet Making Exploring and making different types of puppets.
Lego Masters Lego master builders workshop.


Wednesday Exploring Instruments for Little Bandits An opportunity to try lots of different instruments including piano, ukulele, and percussion.
Art A creative club for students to express themselves.
Kicking/Dribbling with Feet Kicking/Dribbling with feet using different kind of balls ideal for budding footballers.
Storytelling Reading and storytelling.


Thursday Dribbling with Hands Dribbling with hands using different kinds of balls. Ball Games.
Multi Sports Basic sports skills, gross motor skills, and hand eye co-ordination.
Drama Games Fun drama games to promote teamwork, spontaneity, confidence, trust and creativity.
Reading Stories Reading and storytelling.

Have a lovely weekend

Julie Anne Gilbert & Matt Brant