Reception Bulletin w/c 16th Sept

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For week commencing Sunday, 16th September

In literacy this we week we are continuing to practise reading our names in many different fonts and sizes. We are also practising writing our names in pencil and on whiteboards focusing on forming the letters in our names correctly. This is very important as we should be labelling our own work whenever we use a piece of paper or make a model.

Have a look at this video if you want to check or show the formation of a particular letter.

In Maths we are continuing to build a firm understanding and recall of numbers to 10, and recording these numbers in lots of different ways. An episode of Numbertime which reinforces the concept of number can be found at ▶ 13:03

In our topic work we will be considering ways of helping our friends feel happy at school. We will also be continuing to learn the rules and routines of our new classes and the BSB in general.


* حرف ( أ )  ( أسد – أرنب – أناناس )

* وحدة مدرستي ( قلم – ألوان – كتاب – ممحاة )

* أنشودة الحرف ( أ )

النشيد (ألفٌ أرنب يجري يلعب        يأكل جزرة كي لا يتعب)

This week students will be studying :

  • The Arabic letter ( أ ) : (Arnab – Rabbit ) (Assad – Lion ) ( Ananas – Pineapple )
  • School unit : ( Kalam  – Pen ) ( Alwan – Coulor ) ( Ketab – book ) (Mmhaa – Rubber )
  • Song : The letter( أ ) .


Labelling all belongings which come to school with your child’s name and class will ensure that if they are misplaced they will traced quite quickly.

Book Bags will be needed next week as the children start to visit the Infant Library and borrow a book to take home. If you have been unable to purchase a BSB bookbag until the new order arrives in the BSB Uniform Shop please send in any appropriate bag to carry the library book in for the moment.