Infant School News (30th Sept – 4th Oct)

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Infant School News 2

Dear Parents,

It is that lovely time of year when classes feel settled into weekly routines and the levels of trust between teachers, children and parents have been firmly established. As ever the children never fail surprise us and the children in Year 2 spoke eloquently and wrote in detail about their favourite toys in Literacy this week. There was a collective ‘Ah’, from the teachers when one little girl wrote that her favourite toy gave her ‘a feeling of love’. Another wrote that her toy made her feel love because her mummy had bought it for her and she knew her mummy loved her. Wise beyond their years!

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The teddy bears belonging to children in Nursery enjoyed their day at school today. They particularly enjoyed listening to their owners recounting the stories ‘Where’s My Teddy?’, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘My Friend Bear’. I am not surprised they had such a lovely time, the Nursery children’s eloquence and animation was captivating.

After School Clubs

We are pleased to see so many children participating in after school clubs. They are showing wonderful stamina engaging fully in their chosen activities, even after a full day at school.

Longer Day For Reception

From Sunday, 7th October, the school day for children in Reception will end at 2:00pm. Please be prompt when collecting your child. We have considered offering a sibling holding room for children in Reception, but have decided NOT to introduce it at this point in the school year. We really want to make the transition into the longer day as smooth as possible for the children and we feel that the additional hour and a half is enough for children to cope with at this stage. We will reconsider later in the school year.

It Takes a Whole Village To Raise a Child

We have a very positive school behaviour policy. Our aim is to ‘catch children being good’ and to reinforce that behaviour. It is important that children move around the school calmly, quietly and sensibly when they are on their way to the playground or a specialist lesson. You may notice that teachers have ‘treasure’ tokens in their pockets. If they see children from other classes moving around the school particularly sensibly, even though they think their own teacher cannot see them, any member of staff can reward the sensible child by passing them a treasure token to put in their pocket.

The classes that were awarded the most tokens this week were 2.3, 1.7 and 1.8. As a result, they, and their teachers were treated to refreshing ice lollies. The children are delighted that Mr Smith has noticed some wonderfully sensible behaviour around school and has even been awarding some tokens himself.

Congratulations to this week’s Champions of the week!

We wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend.

Best Wishes,

Julie Anne Gilbert & Matt Brant