Nursery Bulletin w/c 7th Oct

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Week commencing Sunday, 7th October

Teddy Bears Picnic

We had a wonderful day today wearing our pyjamas to school and taking our teddy bears for a picnic. Enjoy the photos!

Next Week

Topic: Forest Animals

Maths: Careful counting

Letters and Sounds: What sounds do we hear in the house?

At first we will be learning what a forest is. Then we will be investigating what they look like and finding out what animals live there. We will read some stories about forests. Our favourites are; Owl Babies, The Gruffalo, My Friend Bear, The Silent Owl and Don’t Hog the Hedge. If you have any others at home your child would like to share with the class please feel free to bring a book in.

Using stories like ‘Peace at Last’ we will be looking at noises we hear at home. I wonder what you can hear in your house… ticking clock, the hum of a fridge, a shower running? Having a silent walk around your house see if your child can identify any sounds that they can hear.

We are also working on our ‘careful counting’ this is making sure we are counting objects correctly. We will then hope to find the corresponding numeral.


This is a reminder that children that are 3 and 4 years old should be having a minimum of 10 hours sleep a night. Please ensure your child is going to bed at a reasonable time to ensure they are receiving enough sleep to fully enjoy and thrive at school.


The children in Arabic class will learn:

  •     Topic: Farm Animals (duck – بطة).
  •     Read and color the letter (ب).
  •     Pronounce at least 3 words that contain the letter.
  •     Colors (Yellow).
  •     Nursery rhymes:

Days of the week

Arabic Alphabet Song

Letter (ب)  song:

باءُ بطة     نطت نطة

وقعت ضحكت    منها القطة