Nursery Bulletin w/c 14th Oct

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For the week commencing Sunday, 14th October

Next Week

Topic: On the Farm

Math: Accurately counting actions e.g. claps, jumps, steps.

Letters and Sounds: Environmental sounds: Recognising noises you hear on the farm

Next week we will be discovering what a farm is. We will be finding out what a farm looks like and which animals live there. We will be learning about farmers and what their job is. Our stories we like to read during this topic are; Farmyard Hullabaloo, What the Ladybird Heard, Apple Tree Farm, Muddled Up Farm, Farmer Duck, The Scarecrow’s Wedding and A Squash and a Squeeze. As always if you have any books at home about the farm we would love to read them at school.

We are learning to count not only objects but also actions. We will be playing ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ to help us carefully count out our steps. We will also be counting as we march, click, hop etc.  I wonder if you can think of some games to play at home to also practise this.

We will be listening to sounds we find on the farm and just by listening we will see if we can identify what made that sound. Please use this link so you can try this at home:

Talking About our Weekends

We are working on talking in the past tense so on Sunday morning we will be asking the children what they got up to at the weekend. It would be really helpful for the children if you could talk through this with them before they come to school. This helps refresh their memories.

Playing After School

Please note that once our school day has finished the school playgrounds are out of action for Nursery free play. The other older children use these areas for their outdoor learning environment as well as planned teaching and learning activities. Thank you for your cooperation.


Topic  Farm Animals  
Words Duck بطة  – Hen دجاجة
Letter حرف ب
Colours Yellow
Rhymes Colours

Days of the week

Story Red Hen –  الدجاجة الصغيرة الحمراء