Reception Bulletin w/c 14th Oct

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For the week commencing Sunday, 14th October


In Literacy this week we are excited to be learning to read, write, hear and say two more letter sounds (m) and (d). 

We will also be practising blending the sounds we have learned to date: s a t p i n m d.

Each class will be creating a display of objects which begin with m and d. If your child can find a small object to contribute please make sure it is labelled with their name and class before they bring it to school. That way each object will be returned to its rightful owner at the end of the week.

We make use of magazines for a variety of literacy and art based activities in Reception. If you have any old magazines that you do not want please send them in to school as we can make good use of them.


In Maths this week we are learning the correct mathematical names for 2D shapes and how to use other related vocabulary such as sides and corners. By the end of the week we will be having creative fun investigating which 2D shapes tessellate.

If your child needs to revise the names of the basic 2D shapes they can play shape sorting at

The teachers would appreciate it if you could e-mail them a photograph of your child with a 2D shape they have found in their own environment. This will be used in slide show to support the class learning about 2D shapes.


This week each Reception class will be investigating the purpose of particular colours in our environment eg why school buses are yellow or why polar bears have white fur. On Thursday we will be learning about why the Think Pink charity uses the colour pink.


Please remember school policy does not permit any nut products including peanut butter sandwiches & Nutella; chocolate, candies, chips or flavoured milk.


This week students will be studying    : سيدرس الطالب هذا الأسبوع

The Arabic letter ( ت )

(Tofaha – Apple  ) (Taj – Crown ) ( Toot – Raspberry ) ( Tamsah – Crocodile )

School unit

( Ahab Asdkai – I Love my friend )

Song : The letter( ت )

( حرف ( ت )  ( تفاحة – تاج  – توت – تمساح

وحدة مدرستي (أصدقائي)

أنشودة الحرف (ت)

نشاط : عمل نشاط تطبيقا على الحرف المدروس ( تفاحة)


تاء تاج فوق الراس … فيهِ الذهب وفيه الماس