Nursery Bulletin w/c 4th Nov

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Next Week

Topic: Wild Animals

Math: Describing a pattern and texture

Letters and Sounds: Following a Rhythm

When we get back after half term we will be focusing on talking about what we did in the holiday. On the Saturday night or Sunday morning before your child returns to school please talk about the highlights of your holiday so your child finds it easier to talk about when their teacher asks.

We will also be moving our topic onto wild animals. We will be looking at animals that live in the jungle, rainforest, desert etc. We will be learning the names of the animals and starting to look at the habitats they live in.

We will be making rainmakers so please could you provide an empty water bottle for your child to use for this activity. We will be using them to sing with, dance with and tell stories with.

Carnival of the Animals

On Thursday 22nd of November we will be celebrating the end of our animal topic with a dress up day. Your child can come to school dressed as any animal. We love to see homemade costumes. We invite the parents to come and take pictures and listen to a quick song we have been learning between 7:45 and 8:00.

We would also ask you to bring some animal themed food for the children to share for their snack.


Please make sure your child has either black or white velcro shoes for school to fit in with the school uniform policy.

Dates for your Diary

  • 4th November- Back to school after half term
  • Week commencing 11th November- Parent Teacher Meetings
  • 22nd November- Carnival of the Animals
  • 10th December- Nursery Winter Sing-a-Long
  • 13th December- Bahrain National Day Celebrations and Last Day of Term


Topic Sheep(خروف): Farm Animals  
Words كلمات الدرس(تفاح _تاج_تمر)

Pronounce at least 3 words that contain the letter

Letter حرف (ت)
Colors green.
Rhymes  Farm Animals

أنشودة حرف التاء

تاء تاج     فوق الراس

فيه الذهب    وفيه الماس