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Reception Reading Talk – Tuesday, 6th November

A big thank you to all parents who were able to attended our reading talk. Below is a link if you would like to provide feedback from the talk.

Click below for a copy of the presentation

Parents Reading Workshop 2018


In Literacy this week we are excited to be learning to read, write, hear and say two more letter sounds (e) and (u)

We will also be practising blending the sounds we have learned to date: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u. There is additional blending practice at where the blended words have to be sorted into real words and made-up words.

Each class will be creating a display of objects which begin with e and u. If your child can find a small object to contribute please make sure it is labelled with their name and class before they bring it to school. That way each object will be returned to its rightful owner at the end of the week.

The tricky words this week are of and into.


In Maths this week we are learning to find the total of two sets by combining them and counting the resultant larger set. We will be also comparing two sets using the words “fewer”, “more” and “less”.


This week each Reception class will be comparing movement of animals and people, considering such questions as: why do people move? Is it for the same reasons as animals?


The Reception Festive Sing-a-long is scheduled for Tuesday December 11th at 11.30am. Please make a note in your diary.

There is a proposed theatre trip for Reception children on December 3rd to see “Goldilocks & The Three Bears”.


This week students will be studying    : سيدرس الطالب هذا الأسبوع
The Arabic letter ( ج )

  (Jamal – Camel )

( Jazar – Carrot )

( Jaras – bell )

( جا – جو – جي )  : Long Sound  

 My House unit

( Ashjaar – Trees) ( Warad – Flowers )

Song : The letter( ج )

The letters song:

( حرف ( ج )  ( جمل – جزر – جرس –

وحدة بيتي ( الحديقة ) ( ورد – أشجار )

أنشودة الحرف (ج)

الصوت الطويل حرف ( ج ) ( جا – جو – جي )


جٌ جملٌ في الصحراء  

مثل سفينة فوق الماء

نشيد الحروف: