Year 2 Bulletin w/c 2nd Dec

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Year 2 Bulletin


In Literacy this week, the children will continue with the theme of the Great Fire of London and use this to start learning about poems. The children will explore the features in poems, including:

Similes e.g- bright as the sun

Alliteration e.g- smoke swirling

The children will use their understanding of adjectives and verbs to construct a poem all about fire. The children will also present their poem as a shape poem. Changing their voices and using expression the children will practise performing their poem to the class.


In Maths this week, the children will continue to learn about multiplication and apply their understanding of arrays to help solve multiplication calculations. Whilst exploring arrays the children will begin to understand that multiplication is commutative.

For example

5 x 2 is the same as 2 x 5

2 x 8 is the same as 8 x 2

The children will explore the above calculations using arrays so that they can see that whichever calculation they do, they would still end up with the same answer.

The children will also be introduced and shown how to  solve multiplication word problems.

For example

There are 5 bags of apple and each bag contains 2 apples. How many apples are there?

The children can solve this as

5×2 or 2×5

The children will need to follow the process of reading the question careful, underlining the key words and numbers and then drawing their method pictorially and writing the calculation. As shown in the above example, the children will be encouraged to write both multiplication calculations to show the commutativity in multiplication.


The children will excited to spend the week practising for their class Great Fire of London performance which will take place the week beginning Sunday 9th December.

The children will be learning their script, songs and practise acting as the role they’re given and to read their lines using expression and gestures.

Have a go at reading your lines to someone at home.

Can you remember your lines and read them by heart?



The children will go on a trip to the  theatre to watch The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe on Sunday 2nd December or Wednesday 5th December.

  • The classes going on Sunday 2nd December are 2.1, 2.3, 2.5, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9.
  • The classes going on Wednesday 5th December are 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.10.

Class 2.3 and 2.4 will go on the fire station trip on Monday 3rd December.


Arabic 1st Set

مراجع إثرائية الإملاء تاريخ تسليم الواجب الواجب ما سيتعلمه الطالب الموضوع

ضمن فعاليات العيد الوطني في الشهر القادم يرجى تدريب الطالب على أغنية “أعشق ديرتي “:

إملاء يوم الخميس الموافق 6/12/2018 في الأفعال التالية:
*يَرمِي / يُمْسِكُ /تَلعَبُ /يَعُودُ /أريدُ.
2018/12/5 *نشاط إثرائي:

جمع صور وأشياء تدل على عادات وتقاليد أهل البحرين.

* مراجعة الدرس مع التدرب على حرف الدال مع الحركاتِ و المدود.
*أنشطة إثرائية  لتجريد حرف الدال من الكلمات المدروسة.*التعرف على الاسم الكامل لجلالة الملك حمد بن عيسى آل خليفة.
*التعرف على عدد المثلثات في علم مملكة البحرين مع رسم العلم رسمًا صحيحًا.

*(في الدُّكّانِ)

التربية للمواطنة

“رموز وطني” /”علَمُ وطنِي”

ملاحظة: نظرًا لتأخير استلام كتب اللغة العربية من الوزارة نرفق لكم رابط كتابي القراءة والتدريبات للفائدة :

Arabic 2nd Set

Topic Students will learn Links


–         Read, write, and pronounce the letter

–         Learn at least 3 words that contain the letter or more.

 (سرير(Bed)_ورود(Flowers)_ زرافة (Giraffe)

–         Shape of the letter within a word.

–         Sounds of the letter. help the students to practice on singing the below song (Aashaq Deerty):



My Family


Continue using the previous vocabulary (My Family) to form sentences.

English Sound in Arabic Meaning in Arabic
Sister Okhtey أختي
Brother Akhy أخي
Mother Omy أمي
Father Aby أبي
Grandfather Jady جدي
Grandmother Jadaty جدتي