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Nursery Bulletin w/c 9th Dec

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This Week

This week has been rather busy!

  • We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the theatre to see ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.
  • We made gingerbread biscuits which were delicious. 
  • We continued our topic on winter.
  • We looked at ice and snow and imagined what we would do if it snowed in Bahrain. 

Next Week

Topic: Winter and Bahrain National Day

Math: Counting the points on the Bahraini flag and discussing the patterns and shapes we see in it.

Next week we might get a little bit glittery making, decorating and creating festive decorations.

We will also be getting ready for Bahrain National Day and discussing why we love Bahrain!

Nursery Winter Sing-a-Long

Nursery Sing-A-Long (2)

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Bahrain National Day

On Thursday 13th December we will be celebrating Bahrain National Day. The children are invited to come dressed in traditional Bahraini dress or in red and white clothes.

All children in Infants will finish at 11:30am. 

Dates for your Diary

  • 10th December- Nursery Winter Sing-a-Long at 11am
  • 13th December- Bahrain National Day Celebrations and Last Day of Term
  • 6th January- First Day Term 2







Topic Jungle animals: (Revision )
Words مراجعة ماتم دراسته (Revision )
Letter مراجعة الحروف التي تم دراستها (أ_ب_ت_ج)
Colors Blue_ٌRed_yellow_green (Revision )
Rhymes أغنية الحروف العربية:

أغنية ألوان:

Reception Bulletin w/c 9th Dec

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In Literacy this week we are going to review all the sounds that we have learned this term. As well as recognising and writing the letters correctly we will be practising blending the sounds we have learned to date: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r f l ll and segmenting words which contain these sounds.

The following games will give practice identifying initial sounds recognising letters (we have only learned to ll)  and blending words using the letter sounds we have learned (you will need to print out or make Bingo cards first).

The tricky words this week are you and put. There is a mix of tricky and blendable words to be found in the dinosaur egg game at


In Maths this week we are learning to use vocabulary for weight eg light, lighter, lightest, heavy, heavier, heaviest. We will be investigating whether large things are always heavy and small things always light. We will be comparing two or more objects to decide which is lighter and heavier.


This week each Reception class will be bringing their investigation about transport to a close.


Reception Festive Sing-a-long

The Reception Festive Sing-a-long is scheduled for Tuesday December 11th at 11.30am. The children will be asked to come to school in red, green or red and green for this event. Please make a note in your diary.

National Day

Reception Children should come to school dressed in red and white (the colours of Bahrain’s flag) or Bahraini national dress on Thursday 13th December. Children should have already brought home slips about bringing party food to share, but if not please contact your class teacher. School for Reception children at 11.30am on this day.

Resources Request

For some craft activities next week the Reception teachers would all appreciate donations of the following:

  • Clean empty yoghurt pot
  • Wire coat hangers (free with laundry /dry cleaning)


This week students will be studying    : سيدرس الطالب هذا الأسبوع
( خ ): The Arabic letters  

 The Arabic letters:  ( خ ) (Sheep – Karoof) (Cucumber – Khear) (Bread – Khobez)

The long Sound : ( خا –خو – خي – خيـ )

Unit : My Country  (Bahrain Flag of Bahrain king Hamad)

Song  : (Bahrain national Anthem)

Song : The letter( خ)

The letters song:

* * حرف ( خ ) :  ( خروف – خيار – خبز )

* الصوت الطويل حرف ( خ ) ( خا – خو – خي )  

* وحدة وطني : ( البحرين – علم البحرين – الملك حمد )

أنشودة( النشيد الوطني ) .

نشاط : عمل نشاط تطبيقا على الحرف المدروس.

أنشودة حرف ( خ ):

( خٌ خبزٌ عند البائع      لا يأكلةُ إلا الجائع )

نشيد الحروف:

Year 1 Bulletin w/c 9th Dec

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Year 1 Bulletin

The last week of term!

Next week, teachers will be enjoying the last few days with their class before the winter holiday. We will use this time to revisit any areas of the curriculum where we need a bit more practise, and reflect on all the new things we have learnt this term! We will also be working hard to finalise our performance for the Year One concert, as well as practising being a good audience for other year groups.


Please note the important things to know for next week:

  • Our concert, “A World of Celebrations” is on Wednesday 12th December at
    9am (1.2, 1.3, 1.7, 1.8, 1.10) and 11am (1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.9). Children may be taken home after their performance.

A World of Celebration.jpg

  • National Day is on Thursday 13th December. This will be a half day for children, with the pick-up time being 11.30am. Please send children to school wearing either national dress or red and white clothes. Don’t forget to sign up to bring a party food item (outside your child’s classroom).
  • New spellings will not be tested until after the winter holiday.
  • All books will be collected this week; please ensure that any library or reading books are sent in your child’s book bag. New books will be distributed in the new year.


Arabic 1st Set

مراجع إثرائية الواجبات ما سيتعلمه الطالب الموضوع
ملاحظة:ضمن فعاليات العيد الوطني في الشهر القادم يرجى تدريب الطالب على أغنية “عاشت البحرين”:

حل صفحة (39)حرف (ع)

من ملزمة (لغتي العربية)

تمَّ إرسال الملزمة يوم الأربعاء الموافق 6/12/2018

وسيكون تسليم الواجب يوم الأحد 9 ديسمبر.

مراجعة الحروف التي تم دراستها مع أشكالها و أصواتها.
علم البحرين.قادة البحرين.

Arabic 2nd Set

Topic Students will learn Links

أ – ر

( Revision)

–         Read, write, and pronounce the letter

–        Learn words that contain the letter.

–        Shape of the letter within a word.

–        Sounds of the letter.


Kindly help the students to practice on singing the below song (Ashat AL Bahrain):


(Revision )

English Sound in Arabic Meaning in Arabic




Fasl AlShetaa

Fasl AlSaif

Fasl AlKhareef

Fasl AlRabeea

فَصل الشتاء

فصل الصيف

فصل الخريف

فصل الربيع

Year 2 Bulletin w/c 9th Dec

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Year 2 Bulletin


In Literacy, the children will continue to learn about poems and explore the features. including similes and alliterations. They will look at a range of winter poems and will use this to discuss and identify the language, description and shape of the poem.

The children will also be learning about acrostic poems. They will look at the word Christmas and as a class write an acrostic poem. The children will also attempt to write their own acrostic poem and perform it to the class.


In Maths this week the children will be applying everything they have learned this term, including, place value, addition, subtraction, money and multiplication to solve word problems.

The children will practise how to solve Maths word problems by using RUCSAC as a tool to help them understand and solve the problem.


  • Read– Read the question, what is the important information?
  • Understand/Underline– Understand the question and underline the key words and numbers
  • Choose– Choose the correct method and operation (+ – x ÷)
  • Solve– Solve the problem by making sure you use the correct method.
  • Answer– Answer the question
  • Check– Always check your answer. Use the inverse to check your working out.

The following videos show the methods we use to solve addition and subtraction calculations. Please have a look and practise this at home with your child.


The children have spent the past few weeks working hard and practising for their performance of ‘The Great Fire of London’. Next week they will be excited to finally perform their play to their parents and share their diary writing.

The children will also enjoy making different art pieces to celebrate the end of term and the festive season.


Great Fire of London Play

Year 2 classes will be performing their Great Fire of London play next week on various days and times. Please check with your child’s class teacher for when your child will be performing.

Year 2 Class Parties

Year 2 will have their class party on Wednesday 12th December. The children can come to school dressed in their party clothes.

National Day

National day celebration will take place on Thursday 13th December. The children can come to school dressed in Bahraini traditional clothes or red and white.

Last Day of Term

Thursday 13th December will be the last day of term. School will finish at 11.30am.


Arabic 1st Set

مراجع إثرائية الإملاء تاريخ تسليم الواجب الواجب ما سيتعلمه الطالب الموضوع

ضمن فعاليات العيد الوطني في الشهر القادم يرجى تدريب الطالب على أغنية “أعشق ديرتي “:

لا يوجد إملاء وذلك بسبب:

احتفالات العيد الوطني.

*التعرف على الأماكن السياحية في مملكة البحرين.
*تدريب الطلبة على التعبير الشفوي عن مملكة البحرين.
التربية للمواطنة

“بَحْريْنُنا الْجَميلة”

ملاحظة: نظرًا لتأخير استلام كتب اللغة العربية من الوزارة نرفق لكم رابط كتابي القراءة والتدريبات للفائدة :

Arabic 2nd Set

Topic Students will learn Links

أ – ر


  • Read, write, and pronounce the letter
  • Learn at least 3 words that contain the letter or more.
  •   Shape of the letter within a word.
  • Sounds of the letter.

Kindly help the students to practice on singing the below song (Aashaq Deerty):



My Family


Continue using the previous vocabulary (My Family) to form sentences.

English Sound in Arabic Meaning in Arabic
Sister Okhtey أختي
Brother Akhy أخي
Mother Omy أمي
Father Aby أبي
Grandfather Jady جدي
Grandmother Jadaty جدتي