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Infant School News (30th Sept – 4th Oct)

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Infant School News 2

Dear Parents,

It is that lovely time of year when classes feel settled into weekly routines and the levels of trust between teachers, children and parents have been firmly established. As ever the children never fail surprise us and the children in Year 2 spoke eloquently and wrote in detail about their favourite toys in Literacy this week. There was a collective ‘Ah’, from the teachers when one little girl wrote that her favourite toy gave her ‘a feeling of love’. Another wrote that her toy made her feel love because her mummy had bought it for her and she knew her mummy loved her. Wise beyond their years!

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

The teddy bears belonging to children in Nursery enjoyed their day at school today. They particularly enjoyed listening to their owners recounting the stories ‘Where’s My Teddy?’, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘My Friend Bear’. I am not surprised they had such a lovely time, the Nursery children’s eloquence and animation was captivating.

After School Clubs

We are pleased to see so many children participating in after school clubs. They are showing wonderful stamina engaging fully in their chosen activities, even after a full day at school.

Longer Day For Reception

From Sunday, 7th October, the school day for children in Reception will end at 2:00pm. Please be prompt when collecting your child. We have considered offering a sibling holding room for children in Reception, but have decided NOT to introduce it at this point in the school year. We really want to make the transition into the longer day as smooth as possible for the children and we feel that the additional hour and a half is enough for children to cope with at this stage. We will reconsider later in the school year.

It Takes a Whole Village To Raise a Child

We have a very positive school behaviour policy. Our aim is to ‘catch children being good’ and to reinforce that behaviour. It is important that children move around the school calmly, quietly and sensibly when they are on their way to the playground or a specialist lesson. You may notice that teachers have ‘treasure’ tokens in their pockets. If they see children from other classes moving around the school particularly sensibly, even though they think their own teacher cannot see them, any member of staff can reward the sensible child by passing them a treasure token to put in their pocket.

The classes that were awarded the most tokens this week were 2.3, 1.7 and 1.8. As a result, they, and their teachers were treated to refreshing ice lollies. The children are delighted that Mr Smith has noticed some wonderfully sensible behaviour around school and has even been awarding some tokens himself.

Congratulations to this week’s Champions of the week!

We wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend.

Best Wishes,

Julie Anne Gilbert & Matt Brant

Infant School News (23rd – 27th Sept)

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Infant School News 2

Dear Parents,

We were delighted with the turn out for the Nursery Welcome Talk yesterday. It was lovely to see such enthusiasm and we felt that there was already a great sense of camaraderie between parents in the audience.

If you were unable to attend the workshop, you may find the attached presentation helpful. Nursery Welcome Talk Presentation

Curriculum Workshops

When planning curriculum workshops for parents it is almost impossible to find a time that is convenient for everyone. Some families find it difficult to arrange childcare in the evenings and others have work commitments during the day. The next curriculum workshop is by the Arabic Department and will take place next Wednesday, 3rd October.

For parents of children in Nursery and Reception it will take place at 11:45am and for parents of children in Year 1 and Year 2 at 1:45pm. Children will be supervised for the duration.

Full Steam Ahead!

The main feeling across the school this week is that the children are now really getting stuck into the curriculum. Most noticeable of all was the development of the concentration span and focus of the children in Reception as they embark upon the journey of learning to read.

Year 12 Drama Treat

There are also moments of lightness and fun and one of the advantages of having a through Infant, Junior and Senior school on one campus came to light when the Year 12 Drama students treated the children to impromptu performances of Sinbad, The Golden Fish and Rapunzel.

Individual Photographs

The Infant School students will have their individual photographs taken next week.  Please refer to the timetable below to find out which day your child’s class will have their photographs taken. Children should be dressed in their standard BSB uniform. If you are interested in scheduling a sibling photograph, please visit our Business Development office.


30th September


1st October


2nd October


3rd October







































Congratulations to this week’s Champions of the week!

I wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend.

Best Wishes,

Julie Anne & Matt Brant

Infant School News (16th – 18th Sept)

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Infant School News 2.png

Sunday 16th September – Tuesday 18th September

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Welcome Talks 2018

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Dear Parents,

Many thanks to all parents who attended the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Welcome Talks last week. We were delighted with the turn out and I hope they gave you some valuable insight into your children’s learning.

Please click below for a copy of each presentation.

Reception Welcome Talk 2018

Year 1 Welcome Talk 2018

Year 2 Welcome Talk 2018

Warm regards,

Julie Anne Gilbert & Matt Brant

Headteacher’s News – 13th Sept

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Dear Parents,

Many thanks to all parents who attended the Welcome Talks on Monday evening. We were delighted with the turn out and I hope they gave you some valuable insight into your children’s learning.

It has been a week of healthy living in the Infant School and the array of healthy items in lunch boxes was impressive. Children in Year 2 enjoyed baking amazingly healthy flapjacks and produced some magnificent writing about the whole process.

All children in Year 1 and Year 2 participated in additional group work out sessions courtesy of ‘The Body Coach’. Children in Year 1 and Year 2 also had their first assemblies of the year this morning and they taught me a lot about how valuable all members of our school community are – the children, parents, teachers, assistants, administrators, nurses, cleaners and security guards. We are determined to ‘look after one another’ and help one another out.

We launched the new award in Infants – “Champion of the Week”.

The name of the award was chosen by children in Year 2. The certificate can be awarded for being kind, doing your best, getting better at a particular subject or demonstrating a value such as resilience, honesty, bravery or empathy.

Congratulations to our first Champions of the Week.

After School Clubs

We are offering a wide range of after school clubs for students in Year 1 and Year 2.

All sign-ups are via the Engage Parent Portal which will go live on Friday, 14th September at 8am. You can sign into the Engage Parent Portal here: www.mis.thebsbh.com

If you do not have an account with Engage or are having difficulty signing into your account, please email vijayanm@thebsbh.com

First club allocations will begin Friday, 14th September from 8am until 11pm and second club allocations start Saturday, 15th September from 8am until 11pm. Children can only sign up for one club in the first instance. On Saturday, you may sign up for a second club if there is space available.

Key Information

  • Friday, 14thSeptember at 8am – first club allocation begins
  • Saturday, 15thSeptember at 8am – second club allocation begins
  • Sunday, 23rdSeptember – first day of clubs
  • Wednesday, 22ndNovember – last day of clubs
  • Children should be collected from the KS1 playground at 3:30pm sharp

We would like to remind you that clubs are offered on a first come, first served basis.

These are the clubs on offer:

Sunday Pom Pom Craft A fun craft activity making pom poms to inspire creativity and develop fine motor skills. A one time fee of 1 BD must be paid to the Infant Receptionist by Tuesday, 18th September
Chess Opportunity to learn the game of chess and improve chess skills.
Puzzles & Games Encourages teamwork and further developing of mathematical skills through a variety of puzzles.
Construction Encourages imaginative building and teamwork with a range of construction toys.
Fun with Computers Teaches a different program every week to enhance computer skills and have fun.
Yoga Simple yoga moves for stretching and calming.
Cooking Cooking simple dishes using a variety of kitchen techniques. A one time fee of 3 BD must be paid to the Infant Receptionist by Tuesday, 18th September
Just Dance Warm up, exercise and dance routines.
Colouring Colouring different intricate pictures and designs.
Bookworms Reading and storytelling.


Tuesday Just Dance Warm up, exercise and dance routines.
Zentangle Art Mindful doodling.
Painting Students will express their creativity through painting.
Cosmic Yoga A fun introduction to yoga and calmness for little minds and bodies.
Drawing An introduction to drawing.
Construction Encourages imaginative building and teamwork with a range of construction toys.
Little Stars Music & Drama Singing, dancing, and acting in preparation for a grand performance
Puppet Making Exploring and making different types of puppets.
Lego Masters Lego master builders workshop.


Wednesday Exploring Instruments for Little Bandits An opportunity to try lots of different instruments including piano, ukulele, and percussion.
Art A creative club for students to express themselves.
Kicking/Dribbling with Feet Kicking/Dribbling with feet using different kind of balls ideal for budding footballers.
Storytelling Reading and storytelling.


Thursday Dribbling with Hands Dribbling with hands using different kinds of balls. Ball Games.
Multi Sports Basic sports skills, gross motor skills, and hand eye co-ordination.
Drama Games Fun drama games to promote teamwork, spontaneity, confidence, trust and creativity.
Reading Stories Reading and storytelling.

Have a lovely weekend

Julie Anne Gilbert & Matt Brant

Headteacher’s News – 6th Sept

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Dear Parents,

It has brought me great joy this week to return to the part of the British School of Bahrain that has always had a special place in my heart. I want to thank the children, teachers, assistants, support staff and parents for giving me the warmest of welcomes.

Many things have changed since I first taught in the Infants sixteen years ago. There is absolutely no doubt that our academic expectations are higher, we are blessed with light, purpose built classrooms and there are many more of us! However, there is no doubt that the essence of the Infants remains the same.

Firstly, the trust between the team of adults working together to create a safe, nurturing environment for the children is very much there. Probably more importantly, as ever the children are sociable, unspoiled and in some ways refreshingly unsophisticated. It takes a special brand of parenting and teaching to create these children who are so ‘happy in their own skin’.

Manners Matter

We take manners very seriously at the school and we ask you to reinforce the words ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ as much as possible.

Healthy Lunchboxes

Next week is Healthy Eating Week so please help your child to select and pack healthy items for their lunchboxes. Please see some ideas in the photographs below.

No Peeping!

You may have noticed that there is an open, cleaner, less cluttered feel to the school building. We have asked class teachers to leave windows clear of paint and posters. We are proud of the learning that goes on in the classrooms and it is a pleasure to see the levels of engagement as you walk past the rooms.  However, towards the end of the day while you are waiting for your child, please resist the urge to gaze through the windows. This distracts the children at a time when the teacher is trying to get them organised to go home.  I must add that photographing children through the windows is not acceptable. Thank you for your understanding.

I know that the parking and traffic situation is exasperating and stressful. I am so sorry. I hope the after school care available for siblings from next week is a help. We had a visit from the Ministry of Works today and we are assured that safety barriers and an additional entrance to the school are on the way. In the meantime thank you for your patience.

Best wishes,

Julie Anne Gilbert

Headteacher’s News

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Feriha 2 Last Message from the Head-teacher

Well – we made it! Another incredible and joyous year has come to a close. As I write this, my final blog entry, I am filled with a sense of pride over what we have achieved over this year. The year started off at a sprint; a year of challenges met, huge mountains climbed and summits conquered. Words cannot express how fortunate I have counted myself these last two years to serve as the head-teacher at the BSB Infant School and to be a part of this triumph.

The end of June is always a heartfelt time. As ever, it is the nature of international schools that we will be saying goodbye to a number of staff and students, and this is always a very sad moment for us. I would like to take this opportunity to wish those students and families leaving us this year all the best in their new schools and homes, and I want to extend my sincere thanks and best wishes to staff members who will be leaving BSB for different assignments.

I am grateful for having had the chance to work with such an incredible group of people. Thank you for all your support that you have given to me in my time here and thank you for the memories I’ll be taking with me. Please have a safe and enjoyable summer holiday wherever you may be!

Farewell, BSB!

With my warmest wishes,

Feriha Gauntlett

Reception Concert

‘The Zoo’ was the theme of this year’s concert with all the Reception classes performing a range of fabulous dance moves to their valuable audience, their mummies and daddies.

The months of hard work all paid off as the parents looked on their children with absolute pride as they sang and danced their hearts out for all to see. The memorable performance was truly outstanding!

Well done to all our wonderful performers; special thanks must go to the class teachers and teaching assistants for all their hard work!

Farewell, Year 2 children!

On Tuesday 25th June, we said a final farewell to our Year 2 students as they embark on their new adventure of Year 3. The children ended their time in BSB Infants in style with a special graduation assembly; this is a very special event for us as we celebrate the children’s completion of Key Stage 1 and look forward to their continuing their learning adventure in the Junior School.

To mark the occasion, the children had prepared some songs which they performed spectacularly well for their delighted families, friends and teachers. The children were then presented with certificates by their class teachers to acknowledge their graduation.